Prayer Time Cathedral


Q. Prayer Time Cathedral is a beautiful building, can our organization rent the sanctuary?
A. The sanctuary at Prayer Time Cathedral is used only as a worship center and is not available for rent or use by any other organization.

Q. Since Prayer Time Cathedral is Non-denominational can we get married at Prayer Time Cathedral?
A. To get married at Prayer Time Cathedral you must be a member and go througth pre-marital counselling at the church.

Q.  What is a worship service like at Prayer Time Cathedral?
A.  We have a more "traditional" worship service.  Our worship services are "Christ Centered":  By that we mean:  Jesus Christ is the focus of our worship, His life is the focus of our teaching, and His death and resurrection are the reason for our hope of eternal life.  Therefore, you will find a very reverent atmosphere where the Holy Spirit is allowed to manifest Himself.  Our services include:  Hymn singing, prayer for the needs of the congregation and others, singing of worship choruses, and the study of God's Word. 

Q.  How should I dress to attend worship?
A.  Come just as you are.  Remember, you are coming to the "House of God".

Q.  I have small children, are they welcome?
A.  Absolutely!  We have a nursery available at each Sunday service.

Q.  Your sign says "Interdenominational", that's a big word, what does it mean?
A.  Interdenominational and Non-denominational are two ways of saying the same thing.  We are not affiliated with any organization.   We are a self-governing group of believers. The advantage to this is we do not answer to regulations set by man.  We operate under the rules of the New Testament church as outlined in the Bible.  More importantly, it means anyone is welcome to attend our worship services. 
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